Up to P1,200 OFF at KKday


  1. The Promotion is open to all and existing RCBC Bankard Principal and Supplementary cardholders whose accounts are active and in good credit standing.
  2. Promo period is from June 19 to August 31, 2019. Travel period is from June 21 to November 30, 2019.
  3. Qualified cardholders are entitled of up to Php 1,200 OFF on all KKday products (except for Japan Railway Passes and Theme Park tickets) when they book via https://www.kkday.com/en-ph/affiliate/whlb/rcbc using their RCBC Bankard credit card.
  4. The discounts on all products can be applied when they meet the minimum spend requirement:
Discount Minimum Spend Promo Code
Php 200.00 Php 3,000.00 RCBC200
Php 400.00 Php 5,000.00 RCBC400
Php 800.00 Php 8,000.00 RCBC800
Php 1,200.00 Php 10,000.00 RCBC1200


  1. Discount may be used multiple times.
  2. Reservations without a promo code applied cannot be refunded.  RCBC Bankard and KKday will not accept any liability should a cardholder fail to input the relevant promo code.
  3. The list of products can be viewed at the dedicated microsite https://www.kkday.com/en-ph/affiliate/whlb/rcbc
  4. How to avail:
  • Log-on to https://www.kkday.com/en-ph/affiliate/whlb/rcbc
  • Click “Create an account” to register.
  • Choose your product from the special deals page
  • Select a package and book it on your desired date
  • Fill out necessary forms
  • Upon checking-out of order, discount (Php200, Php400, Php800, Php1,200) will be effective once it meets the minimum spend requirement.
  • Enter your RCBC BANKARD credit card details.
  • Wait for the confirmation email and save a copy of your voucher
  1. Availability of tours and activities with a 48-hour confirmation period requires confirmation from local providers. In the event of cancellation due to unavailability of the tour / activity, the customer may choose to change the schedule or ask for refund.
  2. For cancellation and change of schedule, customer shall log in to http://www.kkday.com and submit cancellation / change of schedule in KKday booking management system.
  3. The promotion discount will display on the checkout page after entering a valid RCBC Bankard credit card number.
  4. The Promotion is non-transferable and non-cumulative, cannot be exchanged for cash or other products and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, promotions, discounted items and fixed price items, unless otherwise stated.
  5. All services offered in this promo are provided by KKday. RCBC Bankard acts as a payment service provider by credit card and is not responsible for any complaints and / or demands in respect of products and / or services offered by KKday.
  6. For any concerns regarding orders, cardholder may contact KKday customer service through service@kkday.com.

Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 10082 Series of 2019


Read Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What is Jinio?
Jiniois a Philippine-based company that provides forwarding services allowingcustomers from the Philippines to shop from U.S. online stores using a personal mailbox (PMB) which will be assigned to your account.

2. What are Jinio’s rates?

  • Non Electronics: USD $5.99/lbshipping fee from the Jinio US warehouse to the XendMandaluyong Warehouse
  • Electronics/Valuable/Oversized Cargo*: USD $8.49/lb.

*All pluggable or battery operated electrical devices are considered electronics.

Free pick at the XendMandaluyong warehouse. You also have the option of choosing door-to-door delivery in Manila and provincial destinations for a fee of USD $0.75/lb.

*An additional flat rate covering Customs Dutiesapply to all Electronic items, i.e. Mobile phones, laptops, iPad

For more information on the tax rates, please email hello@jinio.com.ph to get a quote.

3. What if the store requires a phone number?
Jinio will provide a US phone number upon completion of enrollment.

4. Why Is the USPS Form 1583 necessary?
In the United States, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) regulates how mail can be received and handled.

USPS also dictates required procedures to follow for forwarding companies such as Jinio.USPS Form 1583 authorizes Jinio to receive mail on your behalf and is aimed to ensure safe and proper delivery of packages that Jinio is shipping or receiving. Form can be downloaded


5. What is Chargeable Weight?
Actual weight is the weight of the package when put on a weighing scale.

Volume weight is based on the size of the package.

Volume weight is calculated by multiplying the dimensions of the item:
Length x Width x Height (in inches) then divided by the DIM factor rounded up to the nearest whole number.The industry standard DIM factor for international cargo is 139.

Sample computation:
12” L x 10” W x 8″ H / 139 = 6.90 lbs (rounded up) = 7 lbs Volume Weight.

Chargeable weight is Actual weight vs. Volume weight whichever is higher. The higher weight is used to calculate the shipment cost.

6. What do Electronics/Valuable/Oversized Cargo shipments mean?
Electronics/Valuable/Oversized Cargo shipments mean a consignment which contains one or more of the following articles:

Such as but not limited to TVs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, computer drives, computer peripherals, microwave, toaster ovens, etc. All pluggable items are considered electronics.

Valuable items
Such as but not limited to fine jewelry, articles with precious gems, watches, fragile items, designer handbags, items valued in excess of USD 500.00, articles made of gold and/or platinum, other than gold and/or platinum plated.

Oversized Cargo
Any article whose length, width or height exceeds 18 inches.

Shipping rate

for Electronics/Valuable/Oversized Cargo is US$8.49/lb.
Duties and taxes for the commodity, if applicable, is additional and shall be for the account of the customer.

7. How long does it take to receive the items purchased?
It generally takes 6-12 business days for cargo to arrive in the Philippines.

Door to Door delivery will approximatelytake 2 to 3 business days for Metro Manila addresses or approximately 5 to 7 business days for provincial addresses. These time frames are counted from the date of cargo arrival at the Philippines.

8. Can I pickup my shipment in Jinio’swarehouse?
Yes. You can pick up your shipment at Jinio’sPhilippine warehouse located at:

340 Dr. Jose Fernandez Street
Barangay Mauway, Mandaluyong City 

9. Does Jinio ship to provincial destinations?
Yes. Jinio ships to provincial destinations for a fee.

10. How do I track my shipments?
You will have your own Activity Dashboard in your Jinio account where you can view all your transactions.

11. What does MINIFY mean?
MINIFY means that Jinio will discard excess non protective packaging from your purchases before weighing and measuring to help you save upto 80% in shipping costs.

To get additional information about MINIFICATION click https://jinio.com.ph/minify

12. Does Jinio MINIFY and discard protective packaging for fragile items such as cosmetics and designer bags?
To avoid damage to fragile items such as cosmetics, the outer box is discarded and the protective packaging such protective foam and/or original custom protective box is retained.

Due to the fragile nature of products such as cosmetics the individual packaging is retained to prevent damages.

13. How does consolidation work?
For example, if youreceive three different shipments and the final Chargeable weight (Actual vs. Volume, whichever is higher) for each shipment is .33 lbs. If you opt to consolidate these three different shipments, you would be charged 1 pound (Chargeable Weight) not 3 pounds. This is assuming that you pay for all three items at the same time.

14. How long can I store my items for consolidation?
There is no cost to store your items for thirty (30) days from receipt of your first item at the Jinio’sU.S. warehouse.After 30 days, a fee of US $0.20 per pound per day applies. Storage fees will be added to your cart upon payment.

15. What if I want to return my item to the store/seller or forward to another U.S. address?
Most US stores allow returns up to 30 days after purchase. Please check your retailer for updated policies. Please email your Return Request to hello@jino.com.ph. All returns processed by Jinio must be supplied with a pre-paid return label.

For non-time critical returns, a US $5.00 Return Order Processing Fee applies.

A minimum processing surcharge of US $10 per item applies for forwarding to another U.S. address.

For time critical returns, please email us at hello@jinio.com.ph for a quote. Time critical returns usually incur additional postage and other handling fees.

Please note that as the buyer, you are liable for any shipping fees, pickup fees, duties, taxes and any other charges incurred during the shipment of items in addition to the surcharges. You may email hello@jinio.com.ph to get a quotation.

16. What are prohibited items?
Please click https://jinio.com.ph/prohibited for a list of prohibited items.

17. Is my shipment insured?
Insurance is based on the Declared Value (DV) of the items.Insurance coverage for the first US $100 in DV is free. Additional coverage is available at 4% over US $100 DV.

Maximum insurable value is atUS $500. Items valued over US $500 may be accepted; however Jinio’s maximum liability is US $500.Insurance covers loss because of theft and pilferage. Damage is not covered.

18. What does commercial quantity mean?
According to the Bureau of Customs, more than six (6) pieces of the same item is considered commercial quantity and will be subject to customs duties.

If you plan to ship more than the acceptable ‘personal’ quantity, you can split your shipments to stay within the allowable quantity.

19. Is it necessary for me to advise Jinio to expect a package?
It is not necessary to notify Jinio to expect a package. Your dashboard will be updated within 24 hours from receipt of package.

20. Does Jinio open my shipments?
Yes, Jinio reserves the right to open the packages received for the following reasons:
– ensure that the items are delivered in good condition.
– MINIFY and consolidate your shipments so you can save on shipping.

21. Will Customs charge my shipment duties and taxes?
Generally, customs duties and taxes apply to all items imported into the Philippines. Please view the https://jinio.com.ph/rates for the most commonly taxed goods. The corresponding duties and taxes are in addition to the shipping fees.

Customer support
For any further concerns and questions, please feel free to email hello@jinio.com.ph

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