Shoot To Win Instant Prizes or up to ₱250,000 Cash Credits


  1. The SHOOT TO WIN promo (“Game”) will run from July 20 to October 20, 2020.
  2. The Game is open to all principal RCBC Bankard Flex Visa, RCBC Bankard Flex Gold Visa, RCBC Bankard Visa Platinum, RCBC Bankard Visa Infinite and AirAsia cardholders who are active and in good credit standing.
  3. To qualify, cardholders must have a minimum single-receipt spend of ₱1,000 anywhere. Depending on the spend type, every  ₱1,000 spend anywhere will earn the following play tokens: 
Transaction TypeCard Product:
RCBC Bankard Flex Visa
RCBC Bankard Flex Gold Visa
AirAsia Credit Card
Card Product:
RCBC Bankard Visa Platinum
RCBC Bankard Visa Infinite

No. of TokensNo. of Tokens*
International spend24
Online spend24
Domestic Spend12

*RCBC Bankard Visa Platinum and Visa Infinite cardholders will have double token count for every valid transaction. 

  1. Below is a sample token computation:
    • A ₱15,000 domestic spend using an RCBC Bankard Flex / RCBC Bankard Flex Gold / AirAsia Credit Card is equivalent to 15 tokens. This is computed as ₱15,000 / ₱1,000 = 15. 1 token per domestic spend = 15 tokens.
    • RCBC Bankard Visa Platinum or Visa Infinite cardholders will receive 30 tokens when they have a ₱15,000 domestic spend. Computed as ₱15,000 / ₱1,000 * 1 = 15 * 2 for double token count.
    • ₱15,000 International or Online spend using an RCBC Bankard Flex / RCBC Bankard Flex Gold / AirAsia Credit Card is equivalent to 30 tokens (₱15,000 / ₱1,000 = 15. 2 tokens per international or online spend = 15 x 2 = 30.
    • RCBC Bankard Visa Platinum or Visa Infinite cardholders will receive 60 tokens when they have a ₱15,000 online or cross border spend. Computed as ₱15,000 / ₱1,000 * 2 = 30 * 2 for double token count. 
  2. Note that a fraction of an amount less than ₱1,000 is not qualified to earn one (1) token. Supplementary card/s’ valid spend will be counted as part of the principal cardholder’s spend.
  3. Each token is also equivalent to one (1) raffle entry.
  4. All posted retail and installment transactions in pesos and in other currencies will be counted during the promo duration, including online transactions, mail & telephone orders and recurring payments or bills payment transactions. Excluded are the following transactions: (1) cash advances via ATM or over the counter, (2) transactions coming from casinos or gambling establishments, (3) Balance Conversion, (4) Unli 0%, (5) Unli Installment, (6) Balance Transfer, (7) Cash Loan, and (8) YourCash. RCBC Bankard will follow the foreign exchange rate conversion at the time the transactions were reflected in RCBC Bankard’s system. 
  5. Account must be active and in good crediting standing to be awarded a prize. RCBC Bankard will not award the cardholder the winning item should the credit card be cancelled, delinquent or found to be fraudulent during the promo and awarding period.
  6. Employees of RCBC Bankard Services Corporation and the partner agencies, as well as their relatives up to the 2nd degree of affinity or consanguinity, are disqualified from joining the promo.


  1. Based on the qualified spend, RCBC Bankard will credit the tokens earned by the cardholder during the promo period under a unique code.
  2. The tokens will be used to play the game where one (1) token will provide access to one game. 
  3. To access the game, the qualified cardholder must visit and log in using the unique code provided via EDM and last 6 digits of any principal card.
  4. While playing the game, one (1) token will be equivalent to one (1) ball. Cardholders get a chance to win any of these prizes when they shoot the ball through the hoop: cash credits and rewards points.
  5. The cardholder can view the scoreboard (located inside the game) the prizes he/she has won. 
  6. RCBC Bankard will credit the tokens to the cardholders’ unique code every Monday (covering spend *from Thursday to Sunday a week before) and Thursday (covering spend *from Monday to Wednesday a week before) from July 24 to October 26, 2020.
    *based on posting date
  7. The cardholders are allowed to play up to November 3, 2020 (or 2 weeks after the promo period) for a chance to win any of the prizes mentioned above. 
  8. Additional 2 tokens will be given to new Visa cardholders for their first qualified spend using their Visa Card. 


  1. Below are the instant prizes the cardholders may win in the game:
 ₱100 Cash Credits1,000
₱1,000 Cash Credits100
₱10,000 Cash Credits10
100 Rewards Points20,000
1,000 Rewards Points400
10,000 Rewards Points40
  1. Aside from the instant prizes, all cardholders with tokens will be eligible in the raffle draws on the following schedule: 
July 24 to August 21, 2020August 28, 202010 Winners of 25,000 Cash Credits
July 24 to September 22, 2020October 2, 202010 Winners of 25,000 Cash Credits
July 24 to October 20, 2020November 3, 20201 Winner of 250,000 Cash Credits
      • Winners will be drawn via electronic raffle system.
      • Cardholders are only eligible to win once in the raffle.
      • The raffle draw will be held at RCBC Bankard head office located at 30/F Robinsons Equitable Tower, ADB Avenue corner Poveda St., Ortigas Centre, Pasig City in the presence of RCBC Bankard and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) representatives.
      • Since many companies are running on a work-from-home arrangement, representatives can witness the raffle draw through any of the following online platforms: Zoom, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Webex and Microsoft Teams.
      • Raffle prizes are not transferable nor convertible to cash, gift certificates, rewards, or any other item other than the prizes abovementioned.
  1. RCBC Bankard reserves the right to reject a participant if he/she is unable to comply with the conditions set in these promo mechanics, in concurrence with DTI.
  2. The 20% prize tax for all the prizes will be shouldered by RCBC Bankard.
  3. All cardholders qualified for token and consequently play the game must agree to have their names announced through social media, website, electronic direct mailer and/or LED billboard should they win a prize.  


  1. Winners will be notified via registered mail within two (2) weeks from the draw date.
  2. Prize redemption period is good until 60 days from receipt of the registered mail. 
  3. Winners of instant prizes and the raffle will be announced and posted on RCBC Bankard’s official website, social media pages, LED billboard and/or electronic direct mail.
  4. Instant prizes will be credited automatically to each winner’s account withinfifteen (15) working days from winning. 
  5. Raffle winners must provide their Tax Identification Number (TIN) and a valid government-issued ID to be sent to RCBC Bankard via email: and Once submitted, prizes will be automatically credited to the RCBC Bankard account of the winners within seven (7) working days and will be reflected in the next statement of account.
  6. Names and photos of the winners will be announced and may be published in leading newspapers and posted on RCBC Bankard’s official website, social media pages, LED billboard and/or electronic direct mailer. 

Per DTI Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB 102073, Series of 2020