Award-winning credit card helps give back

(L-R) Luis Oquineña, Gawad Kalinga Executive Director; Tony Del Rosario,Gawad Kalinga Chairman; Ma. Angela Mirasol, RCBC Bankard First Vice President and Marketing Group Head; Fr. Ben Nebres,S.J., GK board member; and Nelson Lumbres, RCBC Bankard Program Manager, at the 5th GK Social Business Summit where RCBC Bankard turned over another ample donation to Kusina ng Kalinga.

Award-winning credit card helps give back 

Delegates of Gawad Kalinga’s 5th Annual Social Business Summit once again witnessed how RCBC Bankard further strengthened its partnership with Gawad Kalinga’s Kusina ng Kalinga through another generous donation.

Through its Diamond Cares Program, RCBC Bankard’s Diamond Mastercard has been making waves as ‘the card that cares’. For every Php 100 charged to the card, it automatically generates a Php 0.20 donation to Gawad Kalinga’s feeding program, Kusina ng Kalinga.

It was this very program that earned the Diamond Mastercard a Best Loyalty and Awards Program award during last year’s Mastercard Innovation Forum Awards.

Now, a little over a year since it was relaunched, RCBC Bankard has been able to turn over two large donations to Gawad Kalinga’s Kusina ng Kalinga program, culminating to an amount ofmore than two million pesos.

The second donation took place recently, during the afternoon plenary session of the second day of Gawad Kalinga’s 5th Social Business Summit.

“RCBC Bankard has really developed an innovative approach to giving.” Says Gawad Kalinga Executive Director, Luis Oquineña. “To be able to think of such a program that helps improve the lives of children just one meal at a time, these are the kind of partnerships that GK is really after. When you see big corporations like RCBC Bankard helping out those marginalized in our society, it really amplifies our overall message of ‘leaving no one behind’.”

“Since its relaunch, our goal for the Diamond Mastercard has been to offer our clients a product that not only gives them a wide-array of perks and privileges, but also allows them the opportunity to give back to society.” Says RCBC Bankard’s First Vice President and Marketing Group Head, Angela Mirasol. “Gawad Kalinga’s Kusina ng Kalinga project was the perfect avenue to tie-up with the Diamond Mastercard; not only do our cardholders help provide everyday meals for public school youths but they also lend a hand in ensuring that the lives of children across the country are made better.”


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