Spend Analyzer

Keep track of your budget without having to manually record all your credit card transactions.

spend analyzer2.png
How Does RCBC Bankard Spend Analyzer Work?
  • A built-in feature in your monthly statement that summarizes all your credit card transactions and records it according to categories.
  • Transforms your monthly statement from a mere list of your expenses to an effective budgeting tool.
  • Helps you plan your family‚Äôs expenses for the coming months.
  • No more tedious manual bookkeeping to track your usage!

Spend Analyzer Table

As seen in your billing statement

Supermarket (Groceries and Supermarket Purchase)
Department Store/ Apparel (All Department Store Shopping Including Clothing and Accessories)
Dining Expenses (Restaurants, Bars, and Fastfood Bills)
Motoring (Gas Station, Auto Parts and Automative Service Charges)
Medical (Drugstore Purchases, Healthcare, and Hospital Services)
Utilities (Electricity, Water, Telco, Internet Services, Cable TV)
Others (Installment, Cash Advance, and Other Transactions)

Cards with this Benefit