FREE Fuel at Petron

FREE Fuel at Petron

Promo Period               :    May 1 to July 31, 2017
Spend Period                :    Within 60 days from card delivery date
Redemption Period     :    May 1 to December 31, 2017

1. The Promo is open to all new-to-bank, Principal cardholders of the following RCBC Bankard Mastercard who applied and got approved within the promo period:

2. To avail of the FREE Petron gasoline, qualified cardholders must use their card within 60 days from card delivery date:

Spend Requirement

Welcome Gift

Php30,000 single or accumulated spend anywhere using the RCBC Bankard MasterCard

Php2,000 worth of Petron fuel for FREE to be credited as Petron value points in the Petron Value Card (PVC)*

* Php2,000 worth of Petron fuel is equivalent to 2,000 Petron value points

3. To redeem, fill-out the online Redemption Form. RCBC Bankard will then validate the redemption. * Please ensure that all information given are correct.  Information that were encoded will be the basis of processing the redemption.  Incorrect information that were encoded will be the sole liability of the cardholder.  RCBC Bankard will not be responsible for unprocessed redemption due to incorrect  encoding of information in the submitted redemption form. (e.g. incorrect encoding of Petron Value Card number)

4. The Php2,000 worth of FREE Petron gasoline will be given to qualified cardholders as Petron Value Card (PVC) credits.  Cardholders without a Petron Value Card will be given a new one, while those with existing PVC will have their FREE gas credited to their card.

5. Cardholders who have redeemed will be notified through SMS within 5-10 working days from date of submitting their redemption form, on the result of the validation. The SMS will inform cardholder on any one of the following results:

5.1.  Qualified to get the FREE Petron gasoline by delivering their new FREE Petron Value Card loaded with Php2,000 worth of equivalent credits (For Cardholders without Petron Value Card)
5.2 Qualified to get the FREE Petron gasoline by crediting their existing PVC with Php2,000 worth of gasoline (For Cardholders with existing Petron Value Card)
5.3   Disqualified for not meeting the promo criteria

* Cardholder can still lodge another redemption request once the criteria (e.g. minimum spend) has been met as long as it is made within the redemption period.

6. To check if the Petron Value Card is loaded, or to check its current balance:

  • Type BAL (space) 16-digits of your card and send to 0917-567-11-11 OR
  • Download the Petron Value Card mobile app on the App Store or on Google Play

7. The spend amount may be a single transaction or an accumulation of transactions made anywhere. For accumulated transactions, the minimum amount per charge slip should be Php1,000.

8. Transactions of the Principal and of the Supplementary Cardholder cannot be combined.

9. All posted retail and installment transactions in pesos and in other currencies are qualified for the promo including online transactions, mail order/telephone order and recurring payments or bills payment transactions. Excluded are the following transactions: (1) cash advances via ATM or over the counter; (2) transactions coming from casinos or gambling establishments; (3) Balance Convert; (4) Balance Transfer; (5) Cash Loans.  RCBC Bankard will follow the foreign exchange rate conversion of the period the  transactions were reflected in RCBC Bankard’s system.

10. Cardholders can redeem only once throughout the promo period.

11. In participating in the promo, the cardholder agrees to keep his/her qualified RCBC Bankard credit card in active status for a period of at least 36 months or 3 years. Active status is defined as having card transactions within a span of three months.

12. In case of Cardholder disputes regarding  the promo mechanics, RCBC Bankard Services Corporation’s decision shall prevail in concurrence with.

13. The promo is subject to the Terms and Conditions governing the issuance and use of the RCBC  Bankard Credit Card.

Download List of Petron Stations where Petron Value Card (PVC) is accepted.

Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 4330, Series of 2017.

Fill-out the Online Redemption Form here.