Supplementary Card

Share the privileges of your RCBC Bankard with your loved ones!

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Your principal credit card can come with a supplementary credit card that will allow you to extend the benefits of your card to your loved ones with you having full control of how much they can spend. 

For a limited time only, membership fee of your supplementary card/s will be waived for three years!

1. Promo period is from January 15 to March 15, 2020.
2. Promo is open to RCBC Bankard supplementary card applicants who apply through any of the following acquisition channels within the promo period and subsequently get approved:
• Direct Sales, RCBC head office and branches or any acquisition booth
• RCBC Bankard Corporate Sales
• RCBC Bankard Co-Brand acquisition setup or outlets/branches
• RCBC Bankard Employee-Get-Member and Senior Officer Referrals
3. To apply, submit the duly accomplished and signed RCBC Bankard application form along with the following documentary requirements:
• Valid government-issued ID
• Principal cardholder’s information
4. Qualified cardholders can enjoy FREE MEMBERSHIP FEE FOR THREE (3) YEARS on their newly approved RCBC Bankard when they make a minimum single-receipt or accumulated spend of Php5,000 within sixty (60) days from card issuance date.
5. If qualified, cardholders shall receive a notification through his/her Statement of Account informing him/her that he/she is entitled to FREE MEMBERSHIP FEE FOR THREE (3) YEARS.
6. The Free Membership Fee offer cannot be availed of in conjunction with other activation offers.
7. In case of dispute on the customer’s eligibility, coverage dates and fulfillment, RCBC Bankard’s decision shall prevail in concurrence with DTI.

Per DTI Fair Trade No. FTEB-00170, Series of 2020

Apply for a Supplementary Card
by calling 8888-1888.