RCBC Bankard Flex Visa


RCBC Bankard Flex Visa

The card that will enable millennials to achieve their life goals

  • 2X Rewards points on two categories – choose from Dining, Clothing, Travel or Transportation
  • Flexible Rewards redemption options
  • Tap & go!
  • Budget tools that give you financial control and empowerment
  • Convert purchases, outstanding balance and payables to installment
  • Free International Travel Insurance & Purchase Protection


Enjoy the flexibility of earning points faster and the flexibility to redeem what you want! Plus, have the financial muscle to manage your budget better.


Flexible Points Earning

Get rewarded for all domestic and international retail purchases plus GET DOUBLE POINTS when you use your RCBC Bankard Flex Visa on your two preferred categories! Choose from DINING, CLOTHING, TRAVEL and TRANSPORTATION. Your default categories are DINING & CLOTHING. Switch categories where you want to get DOUBLE POINTS every billing cycle. Just send a direct message to our Facebook page!

Cardholder can choose two (2) categories from the following:

  • Dining
  • Travel
  • Clothing
  • Transportation
Every P50.00 2 points
Other non-service merchants
(e.g. department stores, household appliances, etc.)

Every P50.00

1 point

Service Merchants
(e.g. supermarket, gas, drugstore)

Every P125.00

1 point

Utility bills payment

Every P250.00

1 point

Flexible Redemption Options

Your RCBC Bankard Flex will automatically earn REWARDS POINTS. If you want to earn AIRMILES, enroll by sending a direct message to RCBC Bankard’s official Facebook page.

  • Shopping Vouchers at top establishments
  • Cash Rebate
  • Deposit to your RCBC or RCBC Savings Account
  • Donation



Want free flights? Just enroll in the airmiles program. 1 Rewards Point is equivalent to 1 Airmiles. There is no limit on how much you can earn, and your rewards never expire!


Tap & Go!

Pay for your purchases at VISA payWave merchants by simply tapping your card on the payment terminal/reader. No signature required for transactions below P2,000.


International Travel Privileges

Your RCBC Bankard is the best travel companion for your trips abroad or to that dream holiday destination. Charge all your travel-related needs to your RCBC Bankard Flex Visa and load up on exciting travel perks and benefits –


RCBC Bankard Flex Visa Fees & Charges

Membership Fee Principal P1,500/year
Membership Fee Supplementary P750/year
Monthly Interest Rate/
Monthly Effective Interest Rate
3.50% / 3.55%
Returned Check Fee P1,000
Invoice Retrieval Fee P150
Card Replacement Fee P300
Cash Advance Fee 3% of cash amount availed of or P500/US$10, whichever is higher, and an interest charge at the prevailing rate which will be computed from availment date until full payment date
Late Payment Fee  P400/US$8; in cases of multiple past dues occurrences exceeding 3 months for the past 12 months: P500/US$10 (4 to 6 months) or P600/US$12 (7 months and above)
Installment Pre-Termination Fee 5% of the unpaid principal amount or P500, whichever is higher
Unli Installment No processing fee. Subject to prevailing interest rate. If pre-terminated, Installment Pre-Termination Fee will apply.
Unli 0% Processing Fee P100 for purchases below P10,000 and P200 for purchases P10,000 and up
Balance Transfer Processing Fee P100
Quasi-Cash Fee (for products like money transfer, prepaid cards/virtual account loading, tax payments, securities investments, etc.)
For a list of quasi cash merchant categories, click here.
1% of the amount transacted
Gaming/Casino Service Fee 5% of every transaction or P1,000/US$25, whichever is higher
Cash Loan, C.H.A.R.G.E and Your Cash! Processing Fee P150 for credit to an RCBC or RCBC Savings Bank account; P250 for deposit to other Banks; P250 for cheque delivery
Service Fee for Foreign Currency Transactions 3.50% representing the Mastercard/Visa/JCB/UnionPay assessment fees and the Bank’s service fee. For foreign currency transactions converted to Philippine Peso at point of sale, whether executed in the Philippines, abroad or online, a service fee of 2.25% shall be applied to transactions amounting to P1,000 and up, or its foreign currency equivalent
Multiple Payment Fee P40 for every payment in excess of 3 payments within a statement cycle in non-RCBC payment channels: Bancnet, BDO, BPI, CIS Bayad Center, SM Payment Center, Unionbank
Dormancy Fee All active accounts with negative balance will be charged a Dormancy Fee of P200 or an amount equivalent to the credit balance (whichever is lower) if there is no activity for 24 months. Likewise, all blocked/closed accounts with negative balance, will be charged a Dormancy Fee of P200 or an amount equivalent to the credit balance (whichever is lower) if there is no activity for 3 months.
Over Limit Fee P500 will be charged on cycle day when the Outstanding Balance plus unbilled Installment exceeds the account’s permanent credit limit on cycle day. If an account has a stand-alone installment limit, the account will be considered Over Limit if the sum of the regular Outstanding Balance, Installment Outstanding Balance, and unbilled Installment exceeds the sum of the regular credit limit and stand-alone credit limit on cycle day.
Minimum Amount Due The sum of (a) 5% of Total Amount Due or P500, whichever is higher; (b) Past Due Amount (if any); (c) Current Late Charges; and (d) Over-Limit Amount
If you pay any amount less than the Closing Balance/Total Amount Due or make a cash advance transaction, interest charge at the interest rate of your card will be computed on the Daily Outstanding Balance of your account (including any fixed monthly installment amount/s) from the date of the transactions until the end of the current statement period.