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Prestige & privileges in a single card

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Why Choose RCBC Bankard JCB Platinum?
  • Access to world-class travel benefits and offers – complimentary access to over 50 airport lounges and JCB Plaza Lounges, up to 20% discount on car rental services, and access to 24/7 Concierge Desk.
  • Earn flexible, non-expiring Rewards points for every spend, plus get more points from transactions in Japan.   (These points can be exchanged for AIRMILES, Cash Rebates, Shopping Vouchers, Cash Credit to your RCBC Bankard, Deposit to your RCBC deposit account, or as Donation.)
  • Unlimited free access to the Skyview Airport Lounge and Club Manila Lounge for the Principal cardholder plus one travel companion
  • Free Travel Insurance up to Php1,000,000 and Purchase Protection when you charge all your international travel-related needs to your card 

Enjoy these world-class benefits and offers exclusive with your RCBC Bankard JCB Platinum. 

Free Platinum Airport Lounge Service - Get complimentary access to over 60 airport lounges. Enjoy free & unlimited use of airport lounges in Japan, Hawaii and China and up to two times per card in one year in Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea and Thailand. Learn more here.

Hassle-free Car Rental Service - JCB makes available discounted car rental rates to cardholders who use Hertz Rent-a-Car in over 60 countries all over the world. Save 10% Off on affordable rates or up to 20% Off regular standard rates. For reservations, simply visit Hert’s website or see complete list of contact information per country here.

JCB Platinum Concierge Desk - Get access to a 24/7 Concierge Desk manned by multi-lingual operators who can provide you with assistance on your restaurant and golf course reservations, sightseeing, entertainment activities, and support for credit card-related emergencies. One call for all the services you want and need, anywhere and anytime. When calling from the Philippines, dial Toll Free Number 1-800-1-816-0344. For complete list of Toll Free numbers by country, click here.

JCB Plaza Lounge - Enjoy free Wi-Fi, internet and printout services, and complimentary food and drinks while browsing through your favorite magazines at the JCB Plaza Lounges located in major cities worldwide including U.S.A., Taiwan, Singapore, France, Korea, China and Thailand. JCB Plaza personnel can also help you book tours or make entertainment or hotel reservations. Learn more here.

Access to Cash Anywhere Worldwide - As a Platinum member you can withdraw as much as 50%* of your credit limit, subject to a maximum of P250,000 via your JCB Platinum Card’s cash advance facility using your Cash Advance PIN. To request for a Cash Advance PIN, simply call RCBC Bankard’s 24/7 Premium Cards Hotline at 8888-1-883. 

How to Apply

  • 1. Choose a Card

    Choose the right RCBC Bankard credit card for you.

  • 2. Apply Online

    Accomplish the online application form, submit documentary requirements and digitally verify yourself.

  • 3. Verification

    We’ll get in touch with you to verify some information on your application.

  • 4. Card Delivery

    You will get a notification once your card is on its way to you!

You can also apply for an RCBC Bankard credit card at any RCBC branch.

  • You must be 21-65 years old to qualify as a Principal Cardholder.
  • You must be 13-65 years old to qualify as a Supplementary Cardholder.
  • You must have a mobile number and landline in your place of work.

    Requirements for Employees

  • Completely filled-out and signed application form
  • A copy of one (1) valid ID with photo and signature
  • A copy of any proof of income:
    • Income Tax Return and/or W2 with BIR or Bank Stamp
    • Latest payslip stating monthly salary
    • Original Certificate of Employment (COE) with annual income details and signed by authorized Human Resources Group signatory. COE must not be more than six (6) months old

    Requirements for Self-employed or Businessman

  • Completely filled-out and signed application form
  • A copy of one (1) valid ID with photo and signature
  • Latest Audited Financial Statement with BIR or Bank Stamp and photocopy of Income Tax Return and/ or W2 with BIR or Bank Stamp.
Membership Fee Principal
Membership Fee Supplementary waived up to 3 Supplementary Cards; in excess, Php1,800/year
Monthly Interest Rate 2%
Returned Check Fee Php1,000
Invoice Retrieval Fee Php150
Card Replacement Fee Php500
Cash Advance Fee Php200
Late Payment FeePhp850 or the Minimum Amount Due, whichever is lower.
Installment Pre-Termination Fee5% of the unpaid amount or Php500, whichever is higher plus one month's worth of interest, as computed based on the unpaid balance
Unli InstallmentNo processing fee. Subject to prevailing interest rate. If pre-terminated, Installment Pre-Termination Fee will apply.
Unli 0% Processing FeeA one-time Unli 0% Installment processing fee of: (a) 1% of the transaction amount for purchases Php30,000 and up (b) Php200 for each transaction amounting to Php10,000 – below Php30,000 (c) Php100 for each transaction below Php10,000
Quasi-Cash Fee (for products like money transfer, prepaid cards/virtual account loading, tax payments, securities investments, etc.) For a list of quasi cash merchant categories, click here. 1% of the amount transacted
Gaming/Casino Service Fee5% of every transaction or P1,000, whichever is higher.
Cash Loan and Your Cash! Processing Fee A one-time processing fee of Php250 if preferred cash disbursement is through RCBC bank deposit and Php350 for non-RCBC bank deposit or check delivery. A reprocessing fee of Php150 will be charged for errors on Recipient Account Details.
Service Fee for Foreign Currency Transactions 3.50% representing the Mastercard/Visa/JCB/UnionPay assessment fees and the Bank's service fee. For foreign currency transactions converted to Philippine Peso at point of sale, whether executed in the Philippines, abroad or online, a service fee of 2.25% shall be applied to transactions amounting to Php1,000 and up, or its foreign currency equivalent.
Multiple Payment Fee Php40 for every payment in excess of 3 payments within a statement cycle in non-RCBC payment channels: Bancnet, BDO, BPI, CIS Bayad Center, SM Payment Center, Unionbank
Dormancy Fee Php200 per month to be charged to a) active accounts with negative balance and no activity for 24 months, b) blocked/closed accounts with negative balance and no activity for 3 months
Over Limit Fee Php600 to be charged at any time when the outstanding balance plus unbilled installment exceeds the permanent credit limit. The Over Limit Fee will be charged once within the statement cycle.
Balance Transfer Processing FeePhp250
Balance Conversion Processing Fee (Regular)Php200
Minimum Amount Due Computed as (Total Statement Balance – Transactions Posted on the Current Statement - Amount Past Due – Current Late Charge) * 3% + (Amount Past Due + Current Late Charge + Current Over Limit Amount) OR Php500, whichever is higher. For Peso-Denominated Cards, the Minimum Amount Due is the rounded down to the nearest multiple amount of P100 for computed payment amount between Php500 – Php1,000, Php500 for computed payment amount between Php1,000 to Php3,000 and Php1,000 for computed payment amount above Php3,000.

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