Unli 0% Installment

Experience the most flexible 0% installment with the widest reach, ALL YEAR ROUND!


With UNLI 0% you can convert ALL your STRAIGHT purchases* with no minimum or maximum amount requirement to 0% Installment by calling 888-1-888.

Use UNLI 0% to pay for tuition and fees, hotel bookings, shopping abroad or online. Use UNLI 0% to pay for anything and everything, because you can always cut your payments into 3 months, 0% installment.

So it does not matter if the establishment does not offer 0% Installment, simply use your RCBC Bankard and avail of UNLI 0%.

Enjoy this extraordinary 0% Installment Program ONLY with your RCBC Bankard!


*FEATURE DESCRIPTION: Unli 0% Installment (“Unli 0%”) is proprietary purchase conversion feature of RCBC Bankard** that allows cardholders to convert their straight purchase into 0% installment for three (3) months, by calling RCBC Bankard’s Customer Service Numbers (888-1888 or 888-1883). There is no minimum amount for conversion, and no maximum number of times that a cardholder can avail of this feature. On the other hand, the following transactions are excluded from Unli 0% conversion: Installment, Cash Advance, Cash Loan, Balance Transfer, Balance Conversion, and Casino/Gambling Transactions. Unli 0% conversion is a non rewards point/cash/rebate/airmile earning transaction and is subject to a low processing fee of Php50 for purchases below Php10,000 and P100 for purchases P10,000 and above.

**RCBC Bankard Dollar and UnionPay Cards are excluded from Unli 0% Installment program.

ADVISORY: Please be advised that effective April 1, 2018, the processing fee for Unli 0% purchase conversion will be P100 for purchases below P10,000 and P200 for purchases P10,000 and up.