Effective May 1, 2019, Flex Visa Card will be issued in lieu of RCBC Bankard Visa Classic.  The Flex Visa Card has an enhanced rewards program compared to the RCBC Bankard Visa Classic. The Flex Visa Card also has the contactless technology that will allow cardholders to enjoy quick, secure payments with just a tap of the card.


Q:  I currently have an RCBC Bankard Visa Classic Card, what will happen if I need to replace my Card because it was lost/stolen?  

A:  Your RCBC Bankard Visa Classic Card will be replaced with a Flex Visa Card.  If you have Supplementary Cardholders, their RCBC Bankard Visa Classic will also be replaced with a Flex Visa Card.


Q:   What will happen to my rewards points, outstanding balance, and installment or loan availment on my existing RCBC Bankard Visa Classic Card?

A:   Your rewards points, outstanding balance, and loan/installment availment will be automatically transferred to your new Flex Visa Card.


Q: If I have already paid my Annual Membership Fee for my RCBC Bankard Visa Classic Card, will I be charged again for my new Flex Visa Card?

A:  No. Membership fee will only be charged once during anniversary date.


Q:   What are the advantages of owning a Flex Visa?

A:    There are many advantages to owning a Flex Visa including: 1) Getting double rewards points on up to 2 spend categories, 2) Being able to change the categories where you can earn double rewards points on a per statement cycle, 3) Fast, secure payments through the contactless technology where you’ll just have to tap your card in order to make a payment.  This facility is available for accredited establishments that display the Contactless symbol.


Q:  What is Contactless Payment?

A:  Contactless-enabled cards like the Flex Visa allow you to pay for your  purchases by simply tapping your card on the payment reader. No signature required for transactions below P2,000.


Q: What will happen to my old RCBC Bankard Classic Card once I have activated my Flex Visa Card?

A: Your RCBC Bankard Visa Classic Card will be deactivated once you call to activate your Flex Visa Card.


Q:  What will happen to my auto-charge or auto-debit arrangements?

A:  For auto-charge arrangements, because you will have a new credit card number, you will have to re-enroll the billers to your Flex Visa Card.  The same holds for auto-debit arrangements.