Bankard Power Tools

RCBC Bankard Easyterms Easyterms Installment Calculator
Thinking of buying an item on installment but wondering how much you have to pay per month? Use the RCBC Bankard Easyterms Installment Calculator and find out! Just type in the desired item price, select your credit card brand, type in your desired installment rate and your choice of the number of months to pay. Then click on the “Compute” button!
Bankard Rewards Program Bankard Rewards Program
Find out how much points you need to accumulate Bankard Rewards points that you can use to:

  • Exchange for cash and credit to your RCBC Bankard Credit Card account and use as spending credit or to pay off your outstanding balance.
  • Exchange for cash for deposit to your RCBC or RSB current or savings account
  • Exchange for a Manager’s Check to be delivered directly to your billing address within 24 hours.
  • Exchange for Cebu Pacific gift checks which you can use to purchase airfare tickets to both international and domestic destinations.
  • Exchange for gift checks at Rustan’s, Robinsons or SM Department Stores
  • Apply as direct payment for goods and services at participating merchants
  • Apply as waiver for your succeeding year’s annual fee.
  • Donate to Gawad Kalinga as part of Bankard’s Rewards for the Soul advocacy program.
Transfer your Balance Balance Transfer Calculator
To find out how much you will pay each month depending on the number of months you choose for Balance Transfer, use the BT Calculator on this page. OR, you can also do balance transfer and opt for a straight mode of repayment. The choice is yours. Calculate your BT monthly amortization and transfer your balance now!