RCBC Bankard myDream JCB

RCBC Bankard myDream JCB Credit Card

RCBC Bankard myDream JCB Credit Card

Bankard’s no-frills, no-nonsense, easy-to-pay international credit card – myDream JCB- is Bankard’s response to the clamor for the ideal credit card that lets cardholders purchase the dream items they want without the nightmare of paying extremely high interest rates!

With myDream JCB, paying your credit card monthly dues is no longer that burdensome as it offers its cardholders the option to regain control of their card balance AND enjoy incredible savings at the same time! With its incredibly low effective interest rate of only 2.9% per month, myDream JCB is the card for wise people who know how to appreciate the value of a credit card that also serves as an effective funds management tool.

What’s more, myDream JCB offers low installment interest rates. Click here for the rates.

It’s not a promo. It’s not a gimmick, either! It’s myDream JCB and its permanently low effective interest rates and equally low annual fee of only P800, the lowest among all international card brands.

To apply for a myDream JCB and simultaneously request for balance transfer. Just call the myDream JCB Customer Hotline at 888-1818 (within Metro Manila) or 1-800-10-888-1818 (outside Metro Manila, using PLDT NDD access). Remember your existing non-Bankard credit card must be at least a year old and in good credit standing for you to be able to avail yourself of balance transfer.

Stop agonizing over your nightmarish credit card bills. Use your head. Make the wise choice. Get a myDream JCB and transfer your balance NOW!

To get your card, click here

Basic Card Benefits and Features

Low Annual Membership Fee

myDream JCB offers the most affordable annual fee of P800 convertible to installment over 3, 6 or 12 months.

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Low Revolving Interest Rate

myDream JCB offers a low effective revolving monthly interest rate of 2.9%.

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Low Installment Interest Rates

myDream JCB is accepted for Bankard Installment at LOW effective monthly installment rates. Click here for details.

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Transfer your Balance

Allows myDream JCB cardholders to transfer their outstanding balance from their non-Bankard credit card account/s by calling the myDream JCB Customer Hotline at 888-1818 or downloading the Transfer your Balance Request Form and mailing the same back to Bankard Customer Service Division together with all the required documents.

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Balance Conversion

A feature of the Bankard Installment Program that allows cardholders to convert their outstanding balance or upcoming retail transactions to installment just by calling the myDream JCB Customer Hotline at 888-1818.

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Wide Recognition and International Acceptance

myDream JCB is widely accepted and recognized by major establishments throughout the country and in over 10 million establishments in 189 countries. Just look for the JCB logo and enjoy the financial flexibility and world-class service myDream JCB provides.

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Peso Payment Convenience

myDream JCB’s Pay-Easy-Plan is the best in payment flexibility. Cardholders can charge in various currencies abroad and pay in pesos when they get back home. Plus, they have the option to pay the minimum of 1/20 of their outstanding balance or P500, whichever is higher, at a very low effective revolving interest rate 2.5% per month.

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Cash Advance

Cardholders have access to cash on their myDream JCB of as much as 30% of their credit limit at any ATM bearing the Cirrus logo worldwide.

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Wide Range of Payment Options

Bankard cardholders have access to the widest range of payment options and can settle their monthly credit card bills via any of the following:

  • Online via the Bankard website at www.Bankard.com for cardholders with BancNet ATM accounts
  • Peso payment at any ATM of the following BancNet member banks: RCBC, RCBC Savings Bank, Metrobank, Allied Bank, Philtrust Bank, Manila Bank, Security Bank, Banco Filipino, PSBank, China Bank, Export & Industry Bank, Asia United Bank, United Overseas Bank, City State Bank, and East West Bank.
  • Over-the-counter transactions for peso payments* in cash or check at any branch of:
    • RCBC
    • RCBC Savings Bank
    • Metrobank (for Metrobank depositorsonly)
    • Union Bank
    • East West Bank
    • Banco de Oro
    • SM Bills Payment Counter (from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, Mondays thru Sundays)
    • Equitable PCI Bank (Note: EPCIB charges P10.00 per bill paid by non-depositors)
    • Bayad Centers at select malls

    * Dollar payments for dollar cards are accepted at all branches of RCBC (dollar notes only); RCBC Savings Bank (dollar notes and checks); and Equitable PCI Bank (dollar notes and checks)

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Customer Service Toll-Free Numbers

myDream JCB cardholders can call Bankard anywhere from over 20 countries just by dialing +8000-BANKARD (where “+” is the country access code). When in the Philippines but outside of Metro Manila, they can call Bankard at
1-800-10-888-1818 using PLDT NDD access. Within Metro Manila, they can call the myDream JCB Customer Hotline at 888-1818.

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Other Value-added Services

  • The JCB PlazaAs a commitment to provide the highest level of cardholder satisfaction, JCB has established the JCB Plazas as a key vehicle for service delivery. A worldwide network of card service centers operated independently by JCB, the JCB Plazas now number 31 around the world. And more are rapidly being established. JCB Plazas combine a comprehensive range of services and information on just about everything from merchants to shopping and sightseeing, taking care of bookings for golf, hotels, restaurants, tours, as well as assistance for lost and stolen cards, emergency situations and medical needs.
  • The JCB PassportFor special discounts and privileges at selected merchant establishments throughout the world, there’s JCB Shopping and Dining Passports. Extremely helpful and convenient, these pocket-size brochures serve as a tool to access the many special perks JCB offers. As an added extra, JCB Passports contain a map of the major places around the world.

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RCBC Bankard myDream JCB Credit Card

Fees & Charges

RCBC Bankard myDream JCB Credit Card

myDream JCB Table of Fees and Charges

Joining Fee


Membership Fee Principal

P800 /year

Membership Fee Supplementary


Finance Charge


Returned Check Fee


Invoice Retrieval Fee


Card Replacement Fee


Minimum Amount Due

5% of outstanding balance or P500, whichever is higher

Cash Advance Fee

3% of cash amount availed of or P500, whichever is higher

Late Payment Fee

7% of past due amount or P200, whichever is higher

Installment Pre-termination Fee

P500 or 5% of the unpaid principal amount, whichever is higher

Service Fee for Foreign Currency Transactions

1.03% of the converted sum plus reimbursement of the assessment fee charged by Visa/Mastercard/JCB to Bankard equivalent to 1% of the converted sum.

If you pay any amount less than the Closing Balance/Total Amount Due or make a cash advance transaction, finance charge at prevailing interest rates will be computed on the Daily Outstanding Balance of your account (including any fixed monthly installment amount/s) from the dates of the transactions until the end of the current statement period.

Exclusive Promotions

    There are no exclusive promotions at this time. But please click here to see RCBC Bankard’s other promotions.