Landmark Anson’s – RCBC Bankard MasterCard

Landmark Anson's - RCBC Bankard MasterCard

Carrying too many cards in your wallet? Credit cards, loyalty cards, discount cards,and more?

Simplify your life as a shopper with your Landmark-Anson’s Card! Issued in partnership with RCBC and Bankard, the Landmark-Anson’s Card is a breakthrough card that combines the benefits of a loyalty card, discount card, and credit card ALL IN ONE.

It’s the only card you’ll need for shopping!

5% Rebate plus generoud rewards!

*5% Rebate on your Landmark Department Store, Landmark Supermarket and Anson’s** purchases every Mondays-Fridays, straight-charge transactions only, to be reflected in your statement.

**For your Anson’s purchases, maximum of P3,000.00 worth of single-receipt purchase is allowed.

Terms and Conditions for the 5% Rebate

  1. The 5% Rebate is applicable to Monday-to-Friday straight-charge purchases made using the Landmark-Anson’s RCBC Bankard credit card at The Landmark Department Store, Landmark Supermarket and Anson’s. Installment transactions are not included in the computation of the 5% Rebate.
  2. The 5% Rebate at Anson’s is applicable only to regular items (small home and kitchen appliances only) and is allowed only for single-receipt, straight-charge purchases not exceeding the maximum amount of P3,000.00.
  3. Rebate earned will be reflected in the cardholder’s monthly statements.
  4. Qualified transactions for Rebate will be based on transaction date.
  5. Computation of the Rebate will start on the statement cut-off date and the posting of the Rebate to be done the following statement date.
  6. To qualify for the Rebate, the Landmark-Anson’s account of the cardholder should be active and in good credit standing at the time of the computation of the Rebate (i.e. on statement cut-off date).
  7. There will be no annual maximum cap of the Rebate earned. However, RCBC Bankard reserves the right to put a maximum cap at anytime as it deems necessary.
  8. The Rebates are not transferrable to another person or to another RCBC Bankard account.
  9. Where Rebates have been credited to the cardholder’s Landmark-Anson’s Card account and/or used before the purchase is charged back, the Card account will be debited for the credited Rebates.
  10. Fraud and abuse relating to the earning or redemption of Rebates may result in forfeiture of Rebates and termination of the cardholder’s Co-brand account.
  11. The Rebate rates and the basis of calculation of Rebates are subject to change at RCBC Bankard’s sole discretion.
  12. Any Handling fee and corresponding tax arising from the Rebates shall be the sole liability of the Co-brand cardholder.

Highest Rewards for your purchases compared to other loyalty cards. Every P50 you charge to your card earns you one (1) rewards point when you shop at Landmark and Anson’s. Using your card elsewhere earns you one (1) rewards point for every purchase worth P83.33 Accumulate then redeem these points for vouchers that you can exchange for Landmark Gift Checks or credit as payment to your Landmark-Anson’s Card.

See Rewards Points Redemption Table here to know the peso equivalent of your accumulated points.

Keep Your Card in Good Status to Maximize Its Benefits
To fully enjoy your Landmark-Anson’s 3-in-1 card and qualify for every promo and discount it offers, always keep your card in good standing. Remember that, even though your card carries three important features in one package, it is basically a credit card and enjoyment of the loyalty and discount benefits is possible only if your credit card is in good standing and not suspended or blocked. To keep your card in good standing, try to follow these tips:

  • Plan your purchases so that you don’t end up buying more than your budget allows.
  • Settle your card bill on or before the payment due date and, when possible, pay in full or more than the minimum amount due.
  • Try and stay within your credit limit to avoid getting your card suspended.

Landmark Anson’s – RCBC Bankard Table of Fees & Charges

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