RCBC Bankard Diamond Card Platinum MasterCard

RCBC Bankard Diamond Card

The Diamond Card is RCBC Bankard’s response to every woman’s clamor for a card that is truly responsive to every facet of her feminine nature.

The fact that it’s a Platinum MasterCard makes it even more priceless.

Like a precious diamond, a woman has many facets to her personality that define her value and essence. Like the precious gem, she has her own carat, cut, color and clarity that determine her uniqueness.

It refers to the unit of weight of a diamond. Since a diamond becomes rarer as its weight increases, the larger the diamond, the more expensive and valuable it is.

Just as the number of carats determines the value of a diamond.

This feature of the Diamond Card gives added value to card members’ shopping experience via an expanded Diamond Rewards Program that lets them earn one (1) rewards point for every P50 charged to their card or P125 from supermarkets, drugstores, or gas stations.

See Rewards Points Redemption Table here.

The cut of a diamond determines its “make” and is extraordinarily important because it exerts the greatest influence on the stone’s brilliance.

This feature focuses on helping them maintain their brilliance by providing ways to pamper themselves at the least cost.

Beauty and Wellness Purchases Converted to Installment Offer that lets them enjoy 0% interest installment for up to 12 months for beauty and wellness-oriented products and services.

Beauty and Wellness Installment OfferSee list of partner installment establishments here.

In comparing diamonds, the absence of color makes one more precious than another. However, the less color a diamond has the more cleanly it reflects and refracts the light that enters through it. When light enters a colorless diamond, it becomes like a prism and refracts the white light into its full spectrum of color.

Aptly labeled Diamond Deals, these benefits are all geared towards helping them exude their various colors for everyone to appreciate and admire.

Diamond Deals Deluxe – You will receive special gift certificates from various sponsor establishments that will entitle you to deluxe treats (free service and/or items).

Clarity refers to the purity of a diamond. However, nothing in this world is perfect and diamonds, no matter how priceless, may contain tiny natural birthmarks in varying degrees. These marks serve as the diamond’s “fingerprint” that makes every stone unique.

This feature of Diamond Card, known as Diamond Cares, enables card members to manifest their unique feminine character -nurturing and pure. It emphasizes the fact that, despite their slight imperfections, they are still unique and caring persons.

Diamond Cares Program – This program will enable card members to fulfill that caring part of their personality by allowing them to automatically donate money to a worthy cause.

Here’s how this works: For every P100 charged to their Diamond Card, the amount of P0.20 will be automatically donated to Gawad Kalinga Sibol.

Gawad Kalinga Sibol (Child & Youth Development)
GK provides values-based education for pre-school children aged 3 to 6 years old through its program called SIBOL.

It also provides a support program for street children of elementary school age, from 7 to 13 years old, whereby these children are provided with academic tutorials, sports and creative workshops, as well as very solid values formation through a program called SAGIP.

Another program, SIGA, which means “to light” in Filipino, provides scholarships to young people with the mental aptitude to pursue higher education.

RCBC Bankard Diamond Cares Program recently turned over P300,000 to Gawad Kalinga Sibol to benefit the indigent children of Gawad Kalinga Tawi-Tawi community in Barangay Sta. Lucia, Pasig. Read more about this good news here.

If you want to shop for yourself and care for others, apply for an RCBC Bankard Diamond Card Platinum MasterCard.

RCBC Bankard Diamond Card Platinum Table of Fees & Charges

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