RCBC Bankard Corporate Card

Simplify your business expense management . . .

The RCBC Bankard Corporate Card is a response to the clamor by various companies for a simpler and more efficient method of managing every aspect of their corporate spending activity — from business travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses to purchasing of office equipment and supplies.

With business T&E ranking as third highest controllable expense in most companies, the efficient reduction of cost and effective control of spending in this category will have a significant impact on the company’s overall financial health. By providing its employees a card which they can use for various corporate expenses including supplies and inventory, the company is able to monitor individual spending and establish an efficient alternative to its cash advance facility.

Issued under the MasterCard Corporate Payments Program, the RCBC Bankard Corporate Card will utilize MasterCard’s Smart Data System, a powerful web-based system that will allow the company to simplify its purchasing and T&E expense administration process.

The RCBC Bankard Corporate Card (available in Philippine Peso and US Dollar) is issued to corporations for use of their select officers and employees primarily for business-related expenses such as travel, representation, and purchase of office equipment and supplies.

For more information, call 688-1-888 loc. 2224 and look for Edna Higashionna of RCBC Bankard Corporate Card Sales.