RCBC Bankard Black Card Platinum MasterCard

RCBC Bankard Black Card

The Black Card is your passport to a world of superior convenience and world-class privileges available not just to anyone but to an esteemed circle of members whose impeccable record and status as cardholders have deemed them worthy. With a design and color that signifies power, dignity and elegance, your new Black Card will not only inspire awe but command respect. So step right in and discover what it’s like to be among a rare and honored few.

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High Credit Limit!

Peso Payment Convenience that gives cardholders the option to purchase in any currency abroad and then pay in pesos when they get back home.

Revolving Facility that allows cardholders to pay the minimum of 5% of their total outstanding balance or P500, whichever is higher.

Cash Advance which provides cardholders access to cash on their card of as much as 50% of their credit limit or P250,000, whichever is lower, at any ATM bearing MasterCard Cirrus signs across the US and in other countries and territories worldwide.

RCBC Bankard Easyterms allows cardholders to purchase big-ticket items and pay using low installment interest rates at the most convenient payment terms.

Wide Recognition and International Acceptance
A product of Bankard, the Black Card is widely accepted and recognized by major establishments throughout the country and in various establishments worldwide. Cardholders simply look for the MasterCard logo to enjoy financial flexibility and world-class service.


Free-for-Life Supplementary Card (maximum of 5)
Cardholders can share the world-class and high-status benefits and privileges of their Black Card with their loved ones with the first FIVE supplementary cards FREE FOR LIFE!

Automatic Reversal of Annual Membership Fee
Annual membership fee is automatically reversed or waived upon card renewal if the cardholder’s total accumulated billings charged for the last 12 months is at least P500,000

Power-Packed Bankard Rewards Program
Committed to providing you with the best in credit card benefits and features, we have revitalized and reformulated your Rewards Program to give you a more rewarding credit card experience you are not likely to forget. Unquestionably the most rewarding so far, the RCBC Bankard Rewards Program is also the most flexible as it offers various ways by which you can use your accumulated points including exchanging your points for cash which you can use to either pay your outstanding balance or to purchase other items you want. No need to restrict your choices to items printed in a catalog!

Peso Black Card
Earn one (1) Rewards point each time you charge P36 to your Black Card or P125 from supermarkets, drugstores, or gas stations.

Dollar Black Card
Use your Black Card dollar and get one (1) Rewards point for every US$1.00 you charge.  Redeem vouchers with your points then use these to shop at Rustan’s, Robinsons, SSI outlets and many more.

See Rewards Points Redemption Table here to know the peso equivalent of your accumulated points and learn the new and exciting ways to use your Rewards Vouchers.


Miascor Airport Lounge Service
True to its promise to serve as your passport to a life of rare luxury and world-class convenience, your RCBC Bankard Black Card Platinum MasterCard also provides you with the distinct privilege of access to one of the country’s most prestigious airport lounges – the Miascor Airport Lounge.

Enjoy access to this luxurious lounge for FREE if you accumulate at least P500,000 in annual spending the previous year. Otherwise, pay a minimal fee to enjoy access to the lounge with all its world-class amenities. Principal and supplementary Black Card cardholders are entitled to bring one guest.

Indulge in the comfort and luxury of a modern and fully furnished air-conditioned sitting room while waiting for your international flight. Grab a bite, curl up in a warm comfortable sofa and read the latest issues of your choice of international magazines or enjoy your favorite shows on cable television. The choice is yours. If you have your laptop with you, you can also spend your time surfing the net or preparing for an important meeting via the lounge’s free wireless Internet access. For private meetings, the lounge offers several comfortable conference rooms you can use.

For more information on how you can access or avail of this rare luxury, call the Premium Card Service at 888-1883.

Acquire the Power of Black and discover how the distinct privilege of a Platinum card can bring your travel experience to a higher plane.

MasterCard Global Service
MasterCard provides assistance in times of emergencies worldwide. Services include:

  • Lost and Stolen Card Reporting
  • Emergency Card Replacement
  • Emergency Cash Advance

Travel Insurance Program

Travel Insurance ProgramThe Black Card gives traveling principal cardholders (aged 18-65 years old) including two (2) dependents (1 spouse, below 65 years old and 1 child, below 21 years old) the most comprehensive protection against possible accidents, unexpected medical expenses and other-travel related problems. In partnership with Malayan Insurance, MasterCard’s local and worldwide emergency network centers can provide services for many emergency and medical situations, including recovery of lost or delayed baggage, and even language interpretation. All of these are FREE if the cardholder purchases his travel tickets using his Black Card.

Learn more about FREE Travel Plus Insurance Program here. For inquiries, please call Malayan Insurance at 242-8888 local 286.

RCBC Bankard Black Card Fees & Charges

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