Unlimited Rewards Program Unlimited Rewards Program
Earn rewards points each time you use your card that you can accumulate then redeem as Manager’s Check that will be mailed directly to your billing address; as credits posted to either your RCBC savings or checking account; or as payment for your card’s outstanding balance. Learn more here.
RCBC Bankard NO LIMITS Cash Rebates! No-Limits Cash Rebates Program
Let’s face it. A rewards program is hardly rewarding when limits are set. That’s why your RCBC Bankard lets you enjoy a Cash Rebate Rewards Program with NO LIMITS! Learn more here and enroll your card in the Cash Rebate Program for free!
RCBC Bankard EasyTerms Easy Installment Terms
This feature allows cardholders to purchase big-ticket items and pay for these at 0% interest for 3, 6, 12, 18 or 24 months in selected merchants; at low monthly interest rates from regular merchant partners; or via purchase conversion. Learn more here.