Spend anywhere and get FREE BonChon Treats

Spend Anywhere, Get FREE BonChon Treats


  1. The promo is open to all existing RCBC Bankard Mastercard Principal and Supplementary cardholders (“Cardholders”) whose accounts are active and in good credit standing, excluding RCBC Bankard Corporate and Dollar credit cards.
  1. Promo runs from May 20 to August 31, 2017. Redemption period is until October 31, 2017.
  1. The following transactions qualify the Cardholders to redeem FREE BONCHON Treats:



Minimum of Php 5,000 straight single-receipt purchase

Choose one from the following:

A. Chops Boxed Meal w/ Regular Iced Tea

B. Bibimbowl w/ Regular Iced Tea
Variant: Chicken or Seafood
Flavors: Original or Creamy Curry

Minimum of Php 25,000 single-receipt installment purchase

Team BonChon Group Meal for 3 inclusive of:

  • 6 pieces Wings Rack
  • 3 White Rice
  • 1 Regular Chapchae
  • 3 Iced Tea
  • 2 Crispy Crepe


  • Only POS-based charge slip/s (electronically authorized) and manual charge slip/s (voice authorized) transactions in Philippine Peso from merchants shall be acceptable for redemption.
  • UNLI 0% Purchase Conversion transactions are excluded from this promo.
  • Foreign currency transactions and all other transactions that are not supported by valid charge slip/s such as but not limited to, online purchases, mail/telephone-order transactions, Balance Conversion, transactions, Cash Advance, FastBillsPay, CHARGE, Balance Transfer, Cash Loan, and Your Cash availments are not eligible for the promo.
  • RCBC Bankard and Bonchon will not honor redemptions using official receipts or the credit card statement of account.
  1. To redeem, the cardholder must present his/her RCBC Bankard Mastercard credit card and surrender the ORIGINAL credit card charge slip (Customer’s Copy) for proper validation at participating BonChon outlets nationwide. Cardholder information and transaction details on the charge slip must match those on the RCBC Bankard Mastercard credit card presented and must comply with the promo mechanics.

The following details must be clearly present on the charge slip/s.

  • Date of Qualifying Transaction
  • Transaction Amount
  • Last 4 digits of the valid RCBC Bankard Mastercard credit card
  • 6-Digit Approval/Authorization Code

Cardholders with manual charge slip/s (voice authorized) must first call the RCBC Bankard Customer Service Hotline, 888-1-888 to request for a certification to redeem the BonChon Treats. Cardholder should nominate a specific BonChon branch where he/she wants to redeem his/her BonChon Treats.

The certification should be surrendered with the manual charge slip/s upon redemption.

Cardholders will receive the certification via email or through cardholder’s registered billing address 7 to 15 working days from the date of request.

Request for certification shall only be accommodated by RCBC Bankard Customer Service until September 15, 2017.

  1. Redemption is valid for dine-in and take-out only and is not valid for delivery.
  1. Cardholders can redeem up to a maximum of three (3) BonChon Treats per card, per day, per outlet.
  1. Unreadable, dilapidated, photocopied and/or duplicate charge slips will not be acceptable for redemption.
  1. RCBC Bankard shall not replace lost or stolen charge slip/s.
  1. Transaction Charge slips generated from casino/gambling, gas/petroleum, money transfers quasi cash financial institution, political organizations, bail, bond payment and business transactions as well as from merchants specifically engaged in wholesale (ex. Warehouse clubs, SuySing) and distribution (ex. Food supplement dealers, multi level marketing, ex. UNO, Royale Business Club,) will not be honored.
  1. For straight transactions, multiple slips generated from the same store or establishment made within the same day by the same cardholder, only one qualified charge slip will be accepted for redemption on the same day. Remaining charge slips will not be accepted. The cost of the treat redeemed through the use of the remaining charge slips shall be charged to the Cardholder’s RCBC Bankard Credit Card.
  1. Splitting of transaction shall be deemed fraudulent and shall not be allowed for redemption. Splitting is defined as an intentional act of dividing a retail or merchant installment transaction into multiple charge slips to redeem more than one reward incentive. Split transactions is presumed when there are 2 or more transactions in one merchant outlet or establishment over one and the same product or service, and the interval of these transactions were made within 5 to 10 minutes.
  1. RCBC Bankard reserves the right to charge the cost of the BonChon Treats redeemed against the cardholder’s RCBC Bankard Mastercard credit card should his/her redemption be found to be fraudulent.
  1. The offer cannot be exchanged for cash, rewards points or products other than the offers indicated above and cannot be availed of with other ongoing promotions of RCBC Bankard & BonChon.
  1. By participating in the promo, the cardholder agrees to voluntarily surrender the valid original customer copy of his charge slip/s to a participating establishment upon redemption of BonChon Treat/s. Neither RCBC Bankard nor BonChon is liable to return the surrendered charge slips or produce copies for the cardholder’s records. Cardholder may opt to photocopy their charge slip/s prior to redemption, for their personal file.
  1. Any dispute concerning the promo offer and service shall be settled directly between the Cardholder and BonChon.
  1. In case of dispute in respect of RCBC Bankard only and the customers’ eligibility and availment of promo, the decision of RCBC Bankard with the concurrence of DTI shall be considered final. However, if dispute involves Bonchon and its performance and/or delivery of services and/or products to customers, subject to the Promo Mechanics stated above, the decision of RCBC Bankard and Bonchon with the concurrence of DTI shall be considered final.

Easyterms 0% Installment Terms & Conditions:

  1. Qualified cardholders may avail of the Easyterms 0% interest for a minimum single purchase worth P3,000.
  1. Easyterms 0% interest is applicable if the cardholder pays his/her monthly installment in full.
  1. RCBC Bankard Easyterms 0% Installment is subject to RCBC Bankard’s approval.
  1. RCBC Bankard credit cardholders have the option to charge their 0% installment transaction on Buy Now Pay Later “BNPL” scheme wherein the first monthly amortization will be posted to the cardholder’s third cut-off date.
  1. Easyterms 0% installment merchant partners have the sole discretion over the term/s, item/s, minimum spend requirement and availability of BNPL applicable for the 0% interest offering.
  1. The approved installment transaction is automatically deducted from the cardholder’s available regular credit limit.
  1. If cardholder decides to pay the installment plan in full before maturity, a pre-termination fee of Php500.00 or 5% of the unpaid principal amount, whichever is higher, will be charged.


PER DTI-FTEB Permit No. 7029 Series of 2017