RCBC Bankard eSOA Via Email

Experience the ease and clutter-free convenience of getting your monthly statements right on time from your very own e-mail facility. Enroll in RCBC Bankard’s E-Statement Via Email Service NOW!

Before you proceed, however, please make sure you read and understand the Terms and Conditions governing this arrangement.

A copy of the Terms and Conditions is found below. To access the enrollment form, click on the button after the Terms and Conditions.


  1. By enrolling in the RCBC Bankard e-Statement service, the CARDHOLDER agrees to be bound by all operational rules and general terms and conditions governing RCBC Bankard e-Statement via E-mail.
  2. Only CARDHOLDERS with active accounts (those whose statement are being printed/sent) are qualified to enroll in the e-Statement service. An enrolled CARDHOLDER who voluntarily cancels his card but still has an outstanding balance will continue to receive his monthly Statement of Account (SOA) or e-statement via e-mail.
  3. Each account is limited to only one primary e-mail address and one alternate e-mail address.
  4. It is the duty of the CARDHOLDER to inform RCBC Bankard immediately of any change in his e-mail address. Failure of the CARDHOLDER to receive his monthly e-statement due to a change in his e-mail address will not excuse him from payment on due date.
  5. To receive his e-statement, a CARDHOLDER has to enroll his account through the RCBC Bankard website at www.RCBCBankard.com within the Online Statement of Account Viewing page.
  6. Disenrollment in the e-Statement service follows the same steps of the enrollment process.
  7. Once enrolled in the RCBC Bankard e-Statement service, no printed SOA shall be sent after one (1) statement cycle.
  8. It is the sole responsibility of the CARDHOLDER to access his e-statement on the e-mail every cut-off. Failure to do so will not excuse the CARDHOLDER from payment by due date. Any charges incurred due to CARDHOLDER’S late or non-accessing of his e-statement shall be for his account.
  9. RCBC Bankard is not liable for non-receipt of e-statement via e-mail due to the following reasons: a. E-mail Host or ISP is down b. Accounts over quota (e-mail box full needs to delete messages) c. Unknown E-mail address
  10. Information provided by the CARDHOLDER will be used to update his account records. The CARDHOLDER agrees to hold RCBC Bankard, its officers and employees, free and harmless from any and all liability and causes of action in the event an unauthorized person accesses the information pertaining to the CARDHOLDER for causes not attributable to RCBC Bankard, such as tapping or hacking of communication lines, errors in transmission due to faulty lines, or other forms of high technology electronic surveillance or fraud.
  11. CARDHOLDER should call RCBC Bankard Hotline 888-1-888 in case of non-receipt or late receipt of e-statement.
  12. Errors not reported within 30 days shall be considered correct.

I Agree