Balance Conversion

With the RCBC Bankard Balance Conversion Program, you can convert your straight single or multiple purchases from any merchant, even your total retail outstanding balance, to installment.

Enjoy low monthly interest rates, and payment terms of up to 36 months!  Just call 888-1-888.

Terms Add-on Rate Per Month Factor Rate Annual Effective Interest Rate
3 2.02% 0.35353 36.00%
6 1.95% 0.18613 39.00%
9 1.88% 0.129936 39.00%
12 1.89% 0.10227 39.60%
18 2.18% 0.077397 45.00%
24 2.39% 0.065587 48.00%
30 2.63% 0.059598 51.00%
36 2.88% 0.056606 54.00%


Total Monthly Payment = Balance Conversion amount x Factor Rate

For a Balance Conversion availment of 30,000.00 payable in 24 months
Total Monthly Payment = P30,000.00 X 0.065587
Total Monthly Payment = P1967.61



  1. RCBC Bankard’s Balance Conversion allows the Cardholder to Convert his straight single or multiple transactions, or even your total retail outstanding balance to installment.
  2. Balance Corversion facility is limited to select credit cardholders of good credit standing .
  3. RCBC Bankard reserves the right to approve or reject request for Balance Conversion and has no obligation to disclose reasons for the rejection or disapproval of Balance Conversion
  4. Balance Conversion availment can be paid in easy and flexible installment terms over 3 to 36 months based on the current Balance Conversion interest rates.
  5. To request for Balance Conversion, cardholders need to call RCBC Bankard Customer Service at 888-1-888.
  6. Transactions including but not limited to cash advance transactions, interest charges, fees, installment amortizations, and annual fees are not qualified to be converted to Balance Conversion.
  7. Once the Balance Conversion request is approved, the monthly amortizations shall be posted on the cardholder’s succeeding monthly statement of account. These shall form part of the total outstanding balance due in the cardholder’s statement of account.
  8. The approved Balance Conversion amount must not exceed the available credit limit of the cardholder.
  9. If the cardholder decides to pre-terminate or pay the Balance Conversion installment plan in full before maturity, a pre-termination fee of Php 500.00 or 5% of the unpaid principal amount, whichever is higher will be charged.
  10. In cases of suspension, cancellation and/or non-renewal of the RCBC Bankard Credit Card due to non-payment or breach of any of the Terms and Conditions Governing the Issuance and Use of RCBC Bankard Credit Cards shall automatically render all the outstanding obligations of the cardholder under the RCBC Bankard Balance Conversion facility due and demandable without need of prior notice.
  11. Monthly interest rate, late payment penalty and other charges to be applied by the Balance Conversion facility shall be determined by RCBC Bankard.
  12. The abovementioned terms and conditions for the implementation of the RCBC Bankard Balance Conversion facility may be amended and supplemented by RCBC Bankard from time to time, as may be deemed necessary without prior notice to, and without need of cardholder’s consent.